A Poem on loyalty (and eagles)

Red Fern

A Poem on loyalty (and eagles)
Saturday, July 18, 2015

Fly my mighty eagle

Even unto dawn

The noblest, the greatest

Of heavens mighty spawn

And when your hunt is through

 Your prey lies in your grasp

Oh, my mighty eagle,

You’ll come in loyalty back

But when that covenant breaks

Your prey becomes your own

Then will come the lions

Who your flesh will tear from bone

Then will be suffering

Then will be strife

Then you will feel

The assassins cold knife

And travelers will see your remains on the wayside

And then will they turn to they’re young and say,

Look ye! Look ye

Look ye this day

There by the wayside lays a traitor

With his just reward

And when you think your selves to be your own

Consider these few words before

All that you where

All that you are

All you will ever be

You owe to me as I watch from afar

As I whisper, to my own old self,

“Fly my mighty eagle

Even unto dawn, the noblest, the highest

Of heavens mighty spawn”

Woe unto traitors

Woe unto the prideful

Woe unto Hubris

Woe unto the spiteful