Fury road part 2

Red Fern

fury raod 2 cover
Friday, July 24, 2015

chapter four: fears.

               Fear is a strange thing; it comes so quickly and stays so long until finally goes dormant until reawakened by a memory, an experience. Some would say fear is a tool to be used to tell us if we should do something but then if that were true, is courage mere foolishness? `but it’s not as if these thoughts didn’t go through the mind of Sokka in the days following the reasonless massacre of all his two dozen men, but a few, including himself, Svengal and about a half dozen others, Ingvar was not nearly so lucky,  the faithful officer died only an hour after the attack from his injuries.

                But the name Ombra held meaning, too much meaning.

                He turned to Svengal, tell the men, “I’m leaving for The capital city, and you stay here and wait. Regardless of what happens.” He said

The next day,

               Sokka knelt at The Phoenix King’s feet

               The Phoenix King spoke with an undeniable tone of dominance over the room. “Speak” he said

                               Sokka rose and said “It’s Ombra, he has a new minion”

                               The Phoenix King sat forward in his throne, his dominance replaced by curiosity and, even concern “of what sort” he asked

                             ”We are, not yet certain, my lord, he is capable of slaughtering some seventy people at a time, without a single one knowing of the others murder, he can kill some thirty hardened Scandinavians in about sixty seconds, and he can fly”

                               The Phoenix King thought for a moment, “If Ombra has a new minion, it means we have three days until the minion will find the eureka stone, and free Ombra, and if Ombra gains freedom” The Phoenix King looks to the sky “heaven help us all”

                             Sokka ignored the irony of the statement

                             “I want you to go to Ombra’s prison, find out what you can, behind the pedestal there is the pelt of a lion from the east, it will protect you from Ombra, as long as you keep it on your back, he cannot hurt you. I will send two hundred of my guard to reinforce the eureka stone garrison”

chapter five: the battle at the shrine

               N’kari looked down on the shrine of the eureka stone, he had devoured many souls, he was strong, he knew that. Fleetingly, the thought of fighting Ombra crossed his mind, he thought of his chances of victory.


               But his chances of getting the eureka stone where higher, the prospect of freedom appealed to him, he had been promised a throne aside his master as they ruled the earth together, regardless of what the reward was he was bound by oath and spell to obey Ombra until his death, again.

               Nioir stood in front of the shrine of the eureka stone. His mind wandered as he scanned the landscape in front of the entrance nothing, still nothing, still nothing, the thought went through his mind over and over again as he scanned the wilderness in search of potential threats. His gaze was drawn to the sky above him, he saw a figure dressed in a black cloak hovering above him, the cowl of the figures cloak shaded over his face, all that was visible was a dull metallic beak protruding out of the hood and curving down toward the earth below him. Nioir shifted his axe from his shoulder to his hand. The figure floated down to the ground and was immediately surrounded by the guards on duty the figure showed no sign of concern by being surrounded by warriors holding the tips of their spears six inches from his face.

               Twenty feet away an egg fell from a nest ten feet above the ground. The figure struck his hand out perpendicular to his body, the guard in that direction crumpled to the ground lifeless, the figure ducked before the men could jab toward his face; he lunged at one man, from the distance Nioir was at it would have looked like the figure had merely punched the man in the abdomen, but the perception was quickly discarded as the figure hurled a bloody knife into another man’s chest, three men were still standing, one stabbed at the figure, who sidestepped the blow, grabbed the spear, and jabbed the butt of it into the man’s chest, the man flew five feet backward and lay there groaning the figure turned the spear around and stabbed the man on his right in the abdomen. The one remaining guard chose to die in a flare of glory, rather than flee in shame. The figure grabbed the spear and used it as a lever to lift the man on the other end up and over his head and brought him down behind him with a sickening crack as his neck broke. All six men were taken care of, five dead, one soon to be. Then the egg in that had fallen from its nest hit the ground.

               The figure strode with a strange sort of swagger toward Nioir as though he owned the pavilion and was merely asserting his dominance. He walked up to Nioir, standing just barely an inch below him, one word escaped his lips.

               “Move” it was more of a low croak

               Nioir stayed in the figures path “go to- “ he stopped midsentence, hoping to catch the figure by surprise, as he swung his axe in a downward arc, toward the figure’s head, the figure leapt back just in time to avoid the murderous weapon as it whirred through he space that had once been occupied by the figure’s head. Nioir took the opportunity to close the gap, pushing the figure back, away from the entrance. The figure stabbed at Nioir with another hidden knife, who leapt to the left, not quite fast enough, he thanked the gods he had elected to wear his enchanted armor that day as the blade bounced off of it. He swung back at an upward angle, this time the figure made no effort to avoid the blade as it sliced through his robe and bounced off of something Nioir couldn’t quite see. Nioir sensed a grin under the shadow of the figure’s hood. They were evenly matched.