About Us

                 Welcome! to the About us page. First theres me, Red, or if you want to be cool you can call me batman. I designed this website and wrote the majority of the articles, I like wolves (hence the background) my favorite color is sunset purple i live in Arizona but Im a Texan at heart. Im also batman.I  love to swim competitively and plan to go to the olynpic trials in 2016. I love to play the violin and do it all the time. I love to write and do it full time. other people on the 'site' as we call it, are, me (in batman voice) i work alone (not in batman voice) but would like to have a few secondary writers, if you are intrested in being a co-writer for the 'site' if you want to be it submit an article to [email protected] please read the rules and limitations before you get your pen out.If you hadnt guessed yet, my favorite super hero is batman (in batman voice) I'm Batman!!! (not in batman voice) who is me, so yay me